If anyone is ever going westbound South Kensington, Piccadilly line, on the tube around 6.30-7.00pm, you can meet an amazing brother working on the platform!
SubhanAllah, our 30 second encounters always make my day.
Give a genuine salam, get genuine love.
It’s moments like these that define the love within Islam.

I am nowhere near perfect,
In fact I am perfectly incomplete.
Inconsistent with my purpose,
Carrying my own worth of bad deeds.
I’m sorry for my failures,
My inadequacies which unfortunately I do not always see.
So please forgive me,
I will make mistakes until the day I cease to breathe.
Please don’t hold them against me,
Instead make excuses for me.
I’m sorry to anybody who has ever looked to inspiration through me,
I’m a sinner and a fraud,
Only Allah knows about my deeds.
If sins had an odour I doubt any of you would come next to me.
Rest in peace to my ego,
Every time I put my head to the floor.
In complete humiliation,
I seek salvation from the most Forgiving Lord.

- Excerpts from Boonah Mohammed’s “Sorry”

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